I am a first year Masters in Robotics student at CMU working with Prof. David Wettergreen. I am interested in field robotics, remote sensing, and putting tools in the hands of domain experts. My current work is on using UAVs for forest managment. Previously, I was an R&D engineer on the computer vision team at Kitware, where I worked on a variety of project which levereaged both 3D- and learning-based vision for remote sensing applications. I graduated from Clarkson University in 2020 with a degree in computer science. During my undergrad I interned twice at the CMU Robotics Institute, Kitware and Phantom AI.

A few things I'm excited about are: coupling observations across multiple scales (i.e. satellite, UAV, and proximal), active learning that gets deep learning in the hands of domain experts, and the interection of 3D and learning-based vision. I'm broadly excited about CV/ML/computing for environmentalism and sustainability. I believe that open-source tools are a key component of this ecosystem and I would like to develop useful tools in this space.

Outside my professional life, I enjoy cooking, biking, and rock climbing.